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“Boys Planet” Taiwanese trainee accused of luring, gold-digging women and badmouthing ex-girlfriend

A trainee recently introduced through the new audition program “Boys Planet” is embroiled in controversies over his shocking past.

The controversial trainee is Chen Ren You from G-Group. Born on December 17th, 2003, Chen Ren You is Taiwanese and 182cm tall.

Chen Ren You

According to revelations by a woman, Chen Ren You lured girls into having sexual intercourse with him when he was still a minor by telling lies that he had never loved anyone despite the fact that he had already had sex with nearly 40 girls. In addition, all the expenses for their nights, including hotel, birth control pills, taxi, etc., were all paid by the girls. 

It is known that the girls related to Chen Ren You have made a group to sue him. 

Chen Ren You
Hahaha this is so funny. Someone put this on for me!
Then I’ll reveal everything about the cool and young rapper who makes girls scream loudly every time he raps, who is indeed a liar and a f**kboy. I can never forgive him
Chen Ren You
He said I cheated on him but we didn’t even love each other
He told everyone that he was cheated on by that girl, then ran away after having sex
He said he had never done that, but had actually made love with so many girls
Been through various relationships, but denied that
Those women even had to pay for the pills
Chen Ren You
He always wants to xxx with her but failed because he refused. A few days later, he revealed that he had HIV and proudly boasted about having xxx with 40 girls. Not knowing he had HIV from whom or whether he had given it to anyone. She was really shocked after seeing the photo and listening to the voice.
Chen Ren You
Let’s have like 10 kids… No, let’s have a whole soccer team. Or as much as the popularity of Taipei? Too many? Okay, Xinzhuang is enough
Be careful. I might make you scream like a monkey
I’m the 4th and also the last. Then later on, you can only do it with me. Love you
Chen Ren You
Ok then, honey, I love you. You are my honey
You did wrong. I want you. Okay let’s go to sleep
Sleep with me

Source: LSB

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