Eun Ji Won confesses for the first time, “I didn’t register marriage”

Eun Ji Won said that he has always been single on paper, although he had an ex-wife

On the July 23rd broadcast of MBN’s “Love After Divorce Season 4”, Eun Ji Won, who has been a divorced single for 12 years, joined the panel. As soon as the program’s MC Lee Hye Young saw Eun Ji Won, she said “My immediate junior” and revealed that they were under the same company in the past. In response, Yoo Se Yoon caused laughter by saying, “You’re senior and junior in many aspects.”

Eun Ji Won confessed, “It’s been more than 10 years since I’ve been a divorced single. It’s a burden to meet someone new after 10 years. But I decided to appear on this show after watching it. I thought it was a great decision.” Lee Ji Hye said, “I don’t know if you don’t talk about it.”

Lee Hye Young asked Eun Ji Won, “Why don’t you remarry?” Eun Ji Won replied, “I’ll (remarry) someday. I don’t want to stay single.” When Lee Hye Young asked his age, Eun Ji Won said, “I’m 45 years old.” Lee Ji Hye cheered, “It’s a good age to start over.”

Eun Ji Won went on to say, “I lived in the US, but it’s harder to meet people. The Korean community is too small. Everyone knows who dated whom.” He made everyone laugh by emphasizing again, “That’s why I only look for new international students. I only wait for new faces. It’s harder to find a new lover in the US.”

In particular, regarding a male story teller’s story of getting divorced online, Eun Ji Won drew attention by saying, “It’s not easy to register marriage in the US if the couple’s nationalities are different. My situation is exactly like that. That’s why I couldn’t register my marriage. That’s why I’m legally single.”

Source: wikitree

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