BLACKPINK’s Lisa’s Recent Airport Appearance Proves That YG Failed at Protecting its Artists

The recent experience of BLACKPINK’s Lisa at the airport is completely different from how she used to be treated under YG. 

On March 19 (KST),  BLACKPINK’s Lisa appeared at Incheon Airport (Korea) to depart for Thailand. Here, the female idol took time to greet fans and media reporters waiting for her, despite seemingly running late. 

Quickly as she entered the airport, however, Lisa was crowded by a large group of people. However, due to having multiple bodyguards surrounding her, Lisa kept a safe distance from the crowd, while still being able to accept gifts and interact with fans. 

Overall, Lisa’s recent airport appearance went smoothly as the bodyguards did their job well and she was well-protected. 

Fans who observed the situation also approved of the situation, and heap praise on LLOUD – Lisa’s personal label, which was established after her contract with YG Entertainment ended. 

lisa blackpink

Meanwhile, many turned to criticize YG, bringing up past incidents where the company failed to protect Lisa in the past. 

As hiring bodyguards is a necessity for idols with a large fanbase like Lisa, yet YG was unable to do this job, many alleged that unlike LLOUD, YG completely failed at protecting its artists.

Source: Krb, X

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