BLACKPINK’s Jennie Made Everyone Laugh As She Broke A Prop On Set

BLACKPINK’s Jennie broke a filming prop during her shoot for Tamburins

On November 17th, a video titled “Tamburins Perfume Campaign Shoot vlog” was posted on the YouTube channel “Jennierubyjane Official.” The video showed Jennie’s professionalism while filming for Tamburins’ campaign.

In this video, Jennie said, “This is me before the transformation. Today’s concept is a transformative girl. It’s been a while since I met a treadmill,” adding “I’m having so much fun shooting while recalling childhood memories.”

jennie blackpink

Later in the video, Jennie accidentally broke a prop while looking at it. She said, “I’m sorry. What should I do? I was admiring it because it was pretty and just…” The singer tried to fix the prop but failed, making everyone laugh.

Jennie later appeared in a pink dress and a cape with a ribbon, sharing, “I have transformed into Aronini. I tried attaching bangs and wearing a cape. The concept of today’s shoot is I transformed with this Magic Egg, so I think a short anime will be made.”

jennie blackpink

During the filming, Jennie made a transformation pose according to the concept and said, “It’s my first time transforming,” making the staff burst into laughter.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is in discussions with YG Entertainment to renew its contract. No specific position has been revealed until now.

Source: naver

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