The reason Kim Hee Chul, who recently caused a stir with his remarks on a drinking broadcast, always tries his best on entertainment programs

Super Junior Kim Hee Chul continued to give a frank talk on a recent drinking live broadcast on AfreecaTV.

On February 10th, Kim Hee Chul appeared on a broadcast hosted by Youtuber/AfreecaTV BJ Choi Gun and shared various talks while drinking.

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During the broadcast, Kim Hee Chul cursed when talking about the topic of school violence and got angry about the boycott of Japan.

Noticing that Kim Hee Chul’s remarks were quite excessive, Choi Gun hurriedly turned off the mic and controlled the broadcast. 

Kim Hee Chul is often seen making people laugh with his straightforward and bold remarks on other entertainment programs, such as JTBC’s “Knowing Bros” and SBS’s “My Little Old Boy”.

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In fact, there was a reason why Kim Hee Chul always does his best on entertainment shows even though he could be criticized.

Kim Hee Chul guested on tvN’s talkshow “Taxi” in 2016 and recalled a sad memory he had in 2006. At that time, Kim Hee Chul was diagnosed with “physical disability Level 4” after suffering a car accident on the way home after visiting the funeral of member Dong Hae’s father.

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After the accident, Kim Hee Chul had to spend 12 weeks receiving treatments for thigh and ankle fractures. He also underwent surgery to insert 7 iron pins into his leg from the left ankle to the hip bone.

Kim Hee Chul confessed, “I returned to activities with ‘Rokuko’ promotion. I couldn’t dance because my legs hurt, but you know, a singer must dance, right? If I said I couldn’t do it, the members would have to give up on the cool choreography because of me. That’s why I didn’t say anything.”

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He continued, “I went to the hospital last year because of my leg pain and the doctor told me to pay attention to rehabilitation. Otherwise, I might not be able to dance again. I couldn’t tell the members”.

Kim Hee Chul was worried that he would discourage the whole team with the fact that he can’t dance so he decided to use his mouth instead.

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Kim Hee Chul said, “I think making everyone laugh is what I can do for fans”, adding “I couldn’t upset them because of my condition. Therefore, I became more active on entertainment shows with a more cheerful and energetic appearance.”

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