BLACKPINK returns to the top of the brand value rankings for girl groups in August 2021

Here are the top K-Pop girl groups in terms of brand value rankings, for the month of August!

According to the Korea Institute of Corporate Reputation’s big data analysis, the top 3 K-Pop girl groups based on brand value are: BLACKPINK, aespa and Red Velvet. 

BLACKPINK topped the list with a brand reputation index of 3,243,108 with a participation index of 255,068; a media index of 1,186,510; a communication index of 537,714; and a community index of 1,263,816. Compared with the group’s brand reputation index of 3,556,492 in July, it fell by 8.81%.

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Meanwhile, coming in second, aespa has a brand reputation index of 2,708,017 with a participation index of 513,944; media index of 978,774; communication index of 638,546 and community index of 576,753. Compared to their brand reputation index of 4,900,542 in July, it fell by 44.74%.

Red Velvet came in 3rd place with a brand reputation index of 2,493,441. Compared with the brand reputation index of 2,226,485 in July, it increased by 11.99%.

TOP 30 brand value rankings for Kpop girl groups for the month of August:

  2. aespa
  3. Red Velvet
  4. Brave Girls
  5. TWICE
  6. Girls’ Generation
  7. Oh My Girl
  9. Lovelyz
  10. LOONA
  11. LABOUM
  12. Dreamcatcher
  13. ITZY
  14. APRIL
  15. Apink
  16. Girl’s Day
  17. STAYC
  19. (G)I-DLE
  20. fromis_9
  21. CLC
  22. woo!ah!
  23. EXID
  24. Weeekly
  25. Weki Meki
  26. cignature
  27. WJSN
  28. f(x)
  29. CAMILA
  30. DIA
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