BLACKPINK Lisa’s Chinese fanbase issued official statement about recent rumors

As new dating rumors surrounding BLACKPINK Lisa and Frédéric Arnault emerged, Lisa’s Chinese fanbase decided to speak up.

On August 15th, BLACKPINK Lisa’s Chinese fanbase, LISABAR, issued an official statement regarding recent rumors about Lisa.

The full text of LISABAR’s statement is as follows:

“As the largest fanbase of BLACKPINK Lisa in China, we would like to give our perspective regarding various events that have been happening recently:

1. The photo that is being circulated recently was not taken at a hotel lounge like what was claimed by baseless rumors, but at a VIP airport lounge. Lisa’s personal assistant and bodyguard was also present at the scene. 

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2. The aforementioned photo was taken during Lisa’s private schedules (and such belongs to her personal life). As fans, what we pay attention to are Lisa’s works and performances. We hope that everyone will also respect the artist’s personal life. 

3. As the largest fanbase of Lisa in China, we will respect every decision of Lisa. Our attitude towards recent revelations is subject to any official announcement that will be given. However, we will not tolerate any form of rumors

5 years of training and 7 years of working hard as an idol, over 4000 days of effort is what create Lisa’s perfect stages. This is her dream, and the foundation behind our love towards her was an idol. 

In the past 7 years, Lisa has completed extreme schedules, which extent is unimaginable to us. She always fulfills and responds to the love and support she receives from fans, and that’s why we love her. We hope that people do not refute Lisa’s efforts in her work, as well as her sincere feelings towards fans in the past 7 years, and that people do not look into and micro-analyze her remarks in different stages of her life. Lisa’s serious attitude and professionalism towards work has never wavered. 

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Lisa has the right to happiness and the right to love. Whether or not the ongoing rumors are true or false, she has always been a professional, hard-working, and candid Lisa. Once again, we ask for people to respect the private life of the artist!” 

On the other hand, a photo said to be of BLACKPINK Lisa and Frédéric Arnault sitting together at a VIP lounge was circulated, drawing attention. Whilst the location of the photo were later revealed to be a VIP airport lounge, there were malicious rumors claiming that Lisa and Frédéric Arnault were at a hotel.

Previously, the two have been embroiled in dating rumors, and Lisa was even suspected to have gone on vacation with Frédéric Arnault’s family. 

Source: LisaBar

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