BLACKPINK Lisa Spotted at Singapore Airport, Will She Attend Taylor Swift’s Concert

Lisa (BLACKPINK) is rumored to have possibly gone to Singapore to enjoy Taylor Swift's concert there.

On the evening of February 29th (KST), after flying back to her hometown in Thailand to film The White Lotus season 3, Lisa (BLACKPINK) was spotted landing at the airport in Singapore. The surprise appearance of the youngest member of BLACKPINK and manager Alice in Singapore sparked speculation among fans that she might attend Taylor Swift’s concert.

lisa blackpink

Although this was a private flight, as soon as she appeared, Lisa was warmly welcomed by fans and received many gifts. In response to the fans’ affection, she also interacted enthusiastically, sending hearts and accepting gifts from fans.

Before that, Lisa had been seen in Koh Samui (Thailand) to shoot scenes for The White Lotus season 3. Just about 4 days later, she quickly moved to Singapore. This appearance is leading fans to believe that Lisa, like her close friend Rosé, will also enjoy Taylor Swift’s concert.

taylor swift

Recently, Taylor Swift also landed in Singapore to prepare for her 6-night tour from March 2nd to March 9th.

Currently, fans are eagerly anticipating the moment when Lisa (BLACKPINK) will be present at the Singapore National Stadium to enjoy Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour concert.

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