The story of a woman who killed her irresponsible boyfriend in the drama “The First Responders”, “Getting pregnant and abortion. You did them all alone”

The whole story of the “House No.802 case” in “The First Responders”, which remained unsolved for a long time, has been revealed. 

Episode 2 of SBS’s “The First Responders”, which aired on November 19th, showed Jin Ho Gae (Kim Rae Won) digging into the murder of civil service examinee Park Tae Hoon that took place in house No.802.


On the broadcast, Jin Ho Gae found a considerable amount of blood in the cracks of the floor of Park Tae Hoon’s house and asked Bong Do Jin (Son Ho Jun), who raised suspicions of arson at the time of the accident, to cooperate with him.

Bong Do Jin explained that the investigation was suspended because it was hard to find where the fire started due to severe damage and no flammability materials or motive for arson was found. 


Jin Ho Gae, who insisted that the motive for arson was to conceal a murder, suspected Park Tae Hoon’s ex-girlfriend Woo Mi Young (Noh Sussanna), who is living in house No.702.

Jin Ho Gae couldn’t enter Park Tae Hoon’s house due to the blockade of the murder scene, but he accidentally went into Woo Mi Young’s house and found out that she had a different bathtub structure. Eventually, Jin Ho Gae discovered a black bag with abandoned body parts in the bathtub. 

According to the autopsy result, the body in the black bag was Park Tae Hoon, and surprisingly, the culprit was his ex-girlfriend Woo Mi Young.

Woo Mi Young was found to have used low-combustible lighter gas sprayed on newspapers to lit the fire. If the fire started downstairs, it was possible to cause arson even despite the culprit not being at the scene.


As the investigation network narrowed down, Woo Young Mi eventually burst into tears and confessed her crime.

It turned out that Woo Young Mi had a child with her ex-boyfriend Park Tae Hoon. However, Park Tae Hoon persuaded her to abort the baby, saying “We’re not ready yet”

Later, Woo Young Mi had to pay Park Tae Hoon’s card expenses. As she was exhausted, she suggested the two break up. 

Park Tae Hoon said, “Okay, it’s up to you. But there is one thing that I will do for sure. I’m going to sue you, too. Since I’m going to be a public official, isn’t it kind of weird to have this red line?”, then took out a medical report.


Woo Young Mi got angry at Park Tae Hoon’s threat and shouted, “I didn’t do it all alone”. Park Tae Hoon responded, “You got pregnant. You also had the abortion yourself”, blaming everything on Woo Young Mi.

As her anger reached its peak, Woo Young Mi killed Park Tae Hoon and removed his body with the fire.

Woo Young Mi sobbed, confessing that she even committed murder after being threatened. In the end, she was arrested for causing arson to conceal a dead body. 

Source: Insight

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