BLACKPINK Jisoo exudes elegance in Dior campaign, covering billboards worldwide

Images of BLACKPINK Jisoo for the latest campaign of luxury brand Dior has been “taking over” the world’s billboard. 

In April, BLACKPINK Jisoo became a face of Dior’s latest campaign for its new product, the skin lotion “Dior Le Baume”. It is known that this product once appeared in Jisoo’s “Flower” MV, proving the wonderful relationship between Dior and its global ambassador Jisoo. 

With this campaign, Jisoo has been appearing on various billboards across the world, stunning the crowd with her natural, yet extremely elegant and chic image. 

On the other hand, back in March, Jisoo also participated in Dior’s campaign for the lipstick line, Dior Addict, alongside Hollywood star Anya-Taylor Joy. At the time, Jisoo also became a major face on various Dior stores worldwide. 

Since becoming the global ambassador of Dior, Jisoo has never failed to appear on the brand’s global campaigns and delivered impressive looks. In fact, Dior has always been extremely fond of Jisoo, even expressing that it would not hesitate to “steal” Jisoo from YG Entertainment. 

With the latest campaign, Jisoo has once again established herself as the global ambassador of Dior with immense impact, not only in music, but also in the fashion and beauty industry. 

Source: VKR News 

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