Choo Sa-rang, who is already a teenage girl now, has her first underwear commercial

Choo Sa-rang shot her first underwear commercial with her mother, Yano Shiho.

Shiho Yano released several photos of the filming site.

Japanese model Yano Shiho announced her recent status on Instagram on Oct 5th. 

She shared that she recently filmed an underwear commercial with her daughter Choo Sa-rang. Born in 2011, Choo Sa-rang is 12 years old in Korean age, which means she is a fifth-grade elementary school student who is about to go through puberty.  

Shiho Yano also left her thoughts on filming an underwear commercial with her daughter.

She said, “I filmed for a Korean (underwear) brand Dansaek with Sarang. A really pleasant encounter with underwear. I realized through this brand that the “Women’s Day,” which comes once a month, can be surprisingly comfortable.” 

“The comfort that overturned a habit that I have taken for granted for more than 30 years. I hope many people, from adolescent girls to my generation, will know and feel this.”

Choo Sa-rang and Yano Shiho in the photos were smiling happily at the set. Choo Sa-rang, who has grown up so much and is now a teenage girl, started the filming with a bright expression.  

This is reportedly the first time Choo Sa-rang has filmed an underwear commercial. 

choo sarang

Yano Shiho married mixed martial arts fighter Choo Sung-hoon in 2009 and gave birth to Choo Sa-rang. The couple are revealing their daily lives with their daughter through various entertainment programs.

The following is photos of the commercial shoot released by Yano Shiho.

Source: wikitree

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