BLACKPINK Jennie in controversial outfit? Netizens divided about “The Idol” behind-the-scenes photos  

BLACKPINK Jennie is embroiled in a new controversy after “The Idol”’s behind-the-photos are unveiled.

Recently, more behind-the-scenes photos of “The Idol” are dropped on social media. BLACKPINK Jennie continues showing her bold fashion alongside the star of the series Lily-Rose Depp.

In the released photos, the two actresses were wearing tops that revealed most of their chests, drawing massive attention from netizens. This fashion created polarizing opinions, with some vehemently disagreeing with the outfit for its inappropriateness, while others strongly defended her, stating it was an outfit for filming only.

jennie and lily rose depp
Jennie is criticized for an outfit that revealed most of her chest; netizens deem this fashion to be “inappropriate” for a K-pop idol
jennie and lily rose depp
Jennie and Lily-Rose Depp are frequently seen in revealing clothes throughout “The Idol” series; nonetheless, they both radiate beauty when taking photos together
blackpink jennie
Another shot of the cast behind the scenes of “The Idol”; the series was canceled despite a stellar cast because of controversial, explicit contents that eventually reduced the show’s runtime and damaged thje reputation of the stars

Source: K14

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