Behind-the-scenes of IU and Park Bo-gum for Upcoming K-drama Evokes Nostalgia

On February 8, a topic titled “Behind-the-scenes of IU and Park Bo-gum for ‘When Life Gives You Tangerines’” was published on the Korean forum Instiz, garnering attention.

In the topic, an image of IU and Park Bo-gum standing in a yellow flower field was attached, with both looking rustic in old school outfits and smiling at the camera. 

iu park bo gum

“It seems that the two of them have dirt on their faces, but they look so cute”, the original poster also commented. 

Below are some comments from netizens regarding this new image: 

  • Wow IU looks like she has gone back to her debut day 
  • The vibe of this photo is seriously old school it makes me feel a sense of nostalgia 
  • Did they put darker makeup on IU? She looks like a baby potato
  • They look so cute together 
  • Putting these two in a drama together is truly a superior move 

Source: Instiz

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