“Because I’m half-Korean”, Kiko Mizuhara tears up over criticism from Japanese netizens

Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara, mostly known to K-Pop fans as BIGBANG’s G-Dragon’s ex-girlfriend, shed tears over malicious comments.

Kiko Mizuhara suggested that there should be an ‘intimacy coordinator’ that closely monitors and supports the shooting environment as well as the actors’ condition when they have to shoot scenes that include physical contact or body exposure during the recent Netflix movie ‘Ride or Die‘. This is to prevent the actors from feeling sexually uncomfortable or being sexually harassed during filming.

Kiko Mizuhara

In an interview with the Japanese media “Shukan Bunshun”, Mizuhara Kiko said, “This aspect of the entertainment industry still continues to exist, and I have also received sexual harassment remarks from many male directors many times. Doesn’t matter if those words were said with or without any bad intention, I still feel unfair,” she said of her own experience.

Kiko Mizuhara continued, “There is an implicit coercion in this industry that decides one is a great actress if she acts naked.” Then Kiko added that she hopes she would not fall victim to such cases.

Kiko Mizuhara‘s actions are due to the recent “#MeToo” exposure in Japan, sparked by the appearance of a woman claiming to have been sexually assaulted by a famous Japanese director and actor Hideo Sakaki. In addition to Hideo Sakaki, it was then revealed that director Shion Sono, who was called a genius director in Japan, also forced an actress to have sex with him, causing controversy.

Kiko Mizuhara

As the #MeToo movement in Japan re-ignited, Mizuhara Kiko also voiced her own voice. However, some netizens started to attack Mizuhara Kiko, saying that she was “trying to get the attention.”

After her interview was attacked by malicious comments, Kiko Mizuhara turned on a livestream on her SNS account and showed her tears. She said “I have something I want to tell you,” and “I agreed to appear in the interview because I thought it be the most meaningful to tell you now.”

Kiko Mizuhara

She continued, “I thought it was right to express my opinion about sexual harassment in the entertainment industry, but I just get more and more attacked because of the fact that I’m half-Korean,” claiming that she was criticized because of her Korean origin.

Kiko Mizuhara became increasingly afraid to express her thoughts, said, “I know there is nothing I can do, but I am very afraid because I will still be attacked a lot because of this.”

Daughter of an American and a Zainichi Korean, Mizuhara Kiko is working as a model and actress in Japan.

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