This top 2nd gen boy group member was cast as a comedian by SM but eventually debuted as an idol

Super Junior’s Shindong was recruited by SM to be a comedian at first.

Super Junior‘s Shindong recently revealed his weight in a surprising way. Shindong appeared in SBS’s entertainment show “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on January 1st. He measured his weight and it came out to be 108.5kg.

My Little Old Boy-shindong weight

After Shindong stepped on the scale, the scale was unexpectedly turned off, so Leeteuk said, “It must be its first time feeling this weight.

When he got on the scale again and it was confirmed that he was indeed 108.5kg, Shindong said, “I lost weight. I can eat more.

Shindong, who has been showing off his unique sense of humor on numerous entertainment shows, was actually selected as SM Entertainment’s No. 1 comedian before his debut in Super Junior.

Super junior Shindong

Shindong said in a broadcast in the past, “The high-ranking official who picked me quit the company shortly afterward. When I had nowhere to go, I joined (Super Junior) because Lee Soo Man said, ‘I wish he was in Super Junior.’

Shindong, who made his debut in Super Junior through Lee Soo Man’s opinion, said that when his Super Junior debut teaser was revealed at the time, the most popular response to him was, “How good was he at singing that he could debut?

super junior shindong

In fact, Super Junior members’ good looks, singing, and dancing drew attention. In particular, Shindong’s sense of entertainment that he had from the beginning of his debut also exerted a great influence on promoting Super Junior to the public.

Super Junior debuted in 2005 and has been loved for many hit songs such as “Sorry, Sorry,” “Mr. Simple,” “Devil” and “Black Suit.”

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Meanwhile, Shindong recently admitted to dating a non-celebrity girlfriend. Shindong’s girlfriend is said to be a trainee at an entertainment agency but she is currently inactive. SM said, “Their relationship is true, but the marriage is not scheduled.”

Source: Daum.

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