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AOA Choa “People thought Crayon Pop Choa’s wedding news was mine, I was showered with congratulatory calls”

AOA Choa solved the misunderstanding about her wedding rumor.

SBS’ “DNA Singer-Fantastic Family,” which aired on Jun 30th, featured a new DNA singer family.

AOA Choa‘s cousin Park Sang-do appeared on the stage and said, “My cousin is the ‘president of the military’.” The panelists immediately thought of girl groups such as Brave Girls, EXID, Girl’s Day, Apink, and GFRIEND.

choa dna singer

When Lee Hyun-yi asked, “Is there a reason why your cousin became famous in the military?” Park Sang-do replied, “The dance of my cousin became popular not only in Korea but also in Japan and China.”

Amid a series of deductions without progress, Park Sang-do prepared a stage that he said would be the strongest hint. Park Sang-do prepared Jewelry’s “Superstar” and showed off his unexpected charm.

choa dna singer

Joo Young-hoon asked after watching his stage, “It’s full of rock spirit from head to toe, is your cousin related to rock?” The DNA singer replied, “I think it’ll be a big hint,” adding, “My cousin debuted in a band.”

In response, the panel members shouted AOA in unison. Jaurim Kim Yoon-ah, Cherry Filter Cho Yoo-jin and EX Sang-mi were also nominated.

Then the identity of Choa was revealed. When Yang Hee-eun asked, “Where did you get this singing DNA from?” Choa said, “My mom can play violin and piano, and my aunt can plays guitar really well.” Park Sang-do added, “My younger brother knows how to play drums.”

loona chuu dna singer

Choa then told a funny situation she was in, “Crayon Pop Choa got married a while ago. My father’s acquaintances even asked him, “I heard your daughter is getting married?”

MC Lee Soo-geun asked, “Have you ever performed together with your cousin?” Choa said, “I have a brother who is much younger than I. We sang Yoon Do-hyun’s song during my younger brother’s 100th-day party. Even before I dreamed of becoming a singer, I knew that he was good at singing,” she said.

loona chuu dna singer

In addition, Choa prepared the “Maria” stage with her cousin Park Sang-do, saying, “We will show you our rock spirit.”

Yang Hee-eun said, “It’s not easy for a man and a woman to sing in the same key. Even though it’s not an easy vocal range, they made a good harmony,” after listening to the cousins’ performance.

loona chuu dna singer

Chuu then said, “I originally watched many videos of Choa singing. I respect you and I enjoyed watching your stage today so much.” Choa showed off the chemistry with her junior by thanking Chuu.

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