Another “monster rookie” joins IVE to become the fastest girl group in history to get 1st win on music show 

It does not take this rookie girl group long to earn this record. 

One of the rookies debuting this February that has been gaining the most attention is VIVIZ. However, VIVIZ already has a large fan base because all 3 members of the group are all former members of GFRIEND. After GFRIEND’s contract with Source Music was terminated and the group announced their disbandment, the members all had new directions. The trio Eunha, SinB, Umji decided to come under a new group called VIVIZ.


VIVIZ debuted with BOP BOP!, a catchy song with fun choreography. Although the girls could not promote in the first week on music shows, VIVIZ quickly got their first win for BOP BOP! after only 7 days. This means VIVIZ has officially joined IVE to set the record for the fastest girl group music show No.1 trophy since debut. Previously, IVE had a successful debut with the song ELEVEN.

VIVIZ quickly took home their first win for BOP BOP! after 7 days
VIVIZ became the next girl group after IVE to own the record for the fastest girl group music show win
IVE previously had a successful debut with ELEVEN and it took them only 7 days to earn their 1st music show win 

Top 5 girl groups with the fastest time to receive the first win on music shows:

  • 1st place: VIVIZ, IVE – 7 days
  • 2nd place: ITZY – 9 days
  • 3rd place: IZ*ONE – 10 days
  • 4th place: BLACKPINK – 13 days
  • 5th place: (G)I-DLE – 20 days

Although they both hold the same record, in terms of skills, many netizens think VIVIZ can easily outperform IVE. While GFRIEND has always been famous for both their live singing and performance skills, IVE has been in controversy for underwhelming live performances since their debut. Let’s wait for VIVIZ to promote and deliver a live encore performance of their debut song.

IVE was criticized for weak live singing on ELEVEN encore stages 
GFRIEND has been good at live singing since their debut
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