An upcoming girl group that reminds the public of SM’s idols

There is a girl group that has accidentally received attention even before their debut because of their unique group’s name and member names.

The girl group ‘Girls’ World’ is set to debut on the 20th. Girls’ World will hold a showcase on the 19th, a day before their debut, to send an early greeting to fans.

While the members’ information is being uploaded one after another on the official Instagram account, the names of some members have drawn attention. 

girls world

This is because the names of Kairin and Windy reminded netizens of artists belonging to SM Entertainment.

Some netizens argued that Kairin seems to be a mixture of aespa’s Karina and Red Velvet’s Irene. In addition, Windy’s case is reminiscent of Red Velvet’s Wendy, and the group’s name ‘Girls’ World’ is also similar to Girls’ Generation.

Some even commented that if Girls’ World had deliberately referenced SM Entertainment’s naming, it was a successful way of marketing.

Source: insight

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