An actor who looks like he is shooting a K-drama every time he attends a wedding

This actor turns photos of him taken at a wedding into movie posters because of his top-tier visuals.

As one of the A-list actors of Korea’s entertainment industry, Hyun Bin always steals the spotlight with his handsome, attractive appearance and masculine, chic aura wherever he appears. Even when attending an acquaintance’s wedding, the actor easily gains all the attention with his excellent visuals.

Recently, a series of photos taken of Hyun Bin at a friend’s wedding suddenly went viral on social networks. In this series of photos, Hyun Bin, despite being in a hurry and not posing, still captivates fans with his top-notch, flawlessly beautiful face. In an elegant suit, Son Ye Jin‘s boyfriend also shows off his tall figure, wide shoulders, making people unable to take their eyes off. Many netizens even commented that Hyun Bin looks so dashing that he looks like he is shooting an action movie instead of going to a wedding. 

Hyun Bin wedding
Hyun Bin’s eyes narrowed due to the sun, which made him look even more handsome and attractive. The deadly charm of the Korean godly actor made people go crazy and constantly shared this series of photos.
Hyun Bin wedding
Standing next to 2 gorgeous beauties Shin Min Ah and Gong Hyo Jin, the actor is still outstanding.
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