Amid Breakup Rumors, Crush Sang Red Velvet Joy’s Song On Variety Show

Singer Crush sang Red Velvet Joy’s song while playing games on a YouTube show

On December 8th, an episode of the YouTube variety show “Myungsoo’s pension” was posted on the YouTube channel “JTBC_HMS”.

In the video, host Park Myung-soo spent a night at a pension with idols Q and Hyunjae of The Boyz, comedian Defconn, announcer Kim Dae-ho, and singer Crush. The production team asked all the members to give their requests, so Hyunjae and Q said they would like to play the games that are usually played in a university getaway party.

The first game, “DJ Game,” was a game in which a song that matched the given word needed to be sung. Park Myung-soo had to sing a song with the word “Crush,” and drew laughter by singing “Introduce Me A Good Person” by Joy of Red Velvet, who is in a romantic relationship with Crush.

Crush shouted, “What are you doing?” but when requested to sing “a girl group song with more than four members,” he couldn’t say anything. Park Myung-soo urged the singer to do his part in the game, “You are really…” and Crush eventually sang Red Velvet’s “Psycho” and embarrassedly bowed down, making everyone laugh.

Source: daum

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