K-netizens react to “G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE x Paris Saint-Germain collab uniform”

A netizen shared their thoughts, “G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE x Paris Saint-Germain (Lee Kang In’s club) collab uniform is freaking pretty.”

The Pann article regarding “G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE x Paris Saint-Germain collab uniform” has became a hot topic with nearly 70,000 views as of the morning of August 4th.

Below are some comments from Korean netizens.

Original post: Pann

– Mbappe really likes G-Dragon’s PEACEMINUSONE. He wore it until the paint came off lol

g-dragon neymar

– I thought Neymar looked crazy when he wore PEACEMINUSONE Paranoise. It’s even crazier now as they’re having a collaboration.

– Please release an album… Please do your main job… Is being a designer your main job? It’s hard to be a fan of a genius…

– Kwon Ji Yong’s shoulders are crazy. Please make a comeback.

– Kwon Ji Yong, is it you again? G.O.A.T

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