AKMU Lee Su-hyun’s review of older brother Lee Chan-hyuk’s exhibition “Every situation just made me angry”

AKMU’s Lee Su-hyun visited the “Place Of Inspiration” exhibition held by her older brother Lee Chan-hyuk

Lee Chan-hyuk personally organized “Place Of Inspiration”, an exhibition designed to share inspirations with senior and junior artists. The exhibition is open to the public for free to provide an opportunity for anyone to be inspired.

Many celebrities, including actress Lee Joo-young, Noh Hong-chul, Soyeon, Miyeon and Yeri, visited the exhibition. Additionally, Lee Chan-hyuk’s younger sister Lee Su-hyun also attended, capturing everyone’s attention.


Notably, Lee Su-hyun shared her experience of visiting the exhibition through her Instagram story, highlighting the charming chemistry between real-life siblings. She posted photos with short captions, such as “Who put it on my head?“, “What’s the deal with the portrait rights?” and “Why is everyone so serious?

The shared photos included a dartboard with Lee Su-hyun’s face in the center, a space featuring childhood photos of Lee Su-hyun and Lee Chan-hyuk, and the back side of visitors observing the exhibition.


Following the photos, Lee Su-hyun wrote a post starting with “Review of Lee Chan-hyuk’s Place Of Inspiration“. She mentioned, “There were many people. There were lines for each photo spot. People stood in front of Lee Chan-hyuk’s photos for a long time, seriously admiring them. Everywhere I turned, it was still only Lee Chan-hyuk. Every situation just made me angry.”

Lee Su-hyun’s review of the exhibition quickly gained attention online. A post titled “Lee Su-hyun’s visit to the exhibition organized by AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk” was uploaded on the online community theqoo and received over 400 comments, attracting significant interest.

Netizens left comments such as “I think I understand her feelings“, “It’s funny and cute“, “Even though she’s annoyed, she goes there to take photos and promote“, “Chan-hyuk is probably thrilled after seeing Su-hyun’s review” and “It’s the all-encompassing perspective of a younger sibling.”

Source: Wikitree

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