Sungjin (DAY6) Scared Bambam (GOT7) With Ghost Story – Bambam Asked His Mom To Consult Fortune Teller + Bang Chan (Stray Kids) Was Also Afraid

Bambam (GOT7) revealed that he was scared by Sungjin (DAY6)’s ghost story during trainee days

Recently, on the show “Bam’s House” with guest Young K (DAY6), Bambam revealed an amusing story about how he was scared by Sungjin (DAY6) during their trainee days. At the time, Bambam was 14 years old, and Sungjin was 18 years old. Sungjin entered Bambam’s room and pointed to the bed, claiming seriously that there was a baby girl ghost sitting there.

Frightened, Bambam immediately called his mom and told her, “Sungjin saw a girl sitting on my bed every night. Mom, please consult a fortune teller for me. Find out why she keeps following me.” Bambam’s mom then arranged for a protective amulet for him.

Interestingly, to this day, Bambam is unsure whether Sungjin actually saw a ghost or not because during that time, Bambam returned to Thailand and consulted a fortune teller. The fortune teller also said, “There’s a child in your seat.”

What’s even more amusing is that while Sungjin scared Bambam with the ghost story, Bang Chan (Stray Kids) was also afraid. Bang Chan mentioned that Sungjin indeed had the ability to see ghosts. On a radio show, Sungjin clarified that he was just teasing Bambam back then.

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