Agency Responds After Netizens Mentioned Hyun Bong-sik In Disclosure Of Actor’s Private Life On Instagram

An Instagram account recently appeared and exposed the private life of a famous actor, arousing keen attention

On March 1st, a post titled, “Instagram account revealing a famous actor’s private life”, spread in numerous online communities. This Instagram account has been making posts about the private life of an actor.

hyun bong sik

Introducing themselves as a woman who dated actor A, the owner of that Instagram account said, “Even if you block me, I know you’ll be watching everything, so I’m writing everything here. I told you that I would stop if you apologized, but you didn’t read it, right? I’ll understand it as you’re telling me to keep going. You left your laptop, tablet, and two cell phones here. I turned them on and found out that you’ve done so many dirty things”.

She continued, “I have recorded all the adult products you ordered under the name of another actor because it was embarrassing to receive it under your name”, adding “Wait for it. I’ll make you hide your face forever”, heralding further revelations.

hyun bong sik

According to the woman, A is a popular actor who has appeared in numerous successful projects. She exposed A’s two-timing by disclosing some parts of A’s Kakaotalk conversation with another woman and claimed that A committed illegal filming crimes and abused his dog. 

As the revelations spread online, netizens also began guessing the identity of actor A. Based on the clue that the actor appeared in some popular Netflix works, some pointed Hyun Bong-sik. However, Hyun Bong-sik’s agency immediately refuted the rumor of the actor’s involvement in such revelations.

On the same day, Jerry Gogo Entertainment released a statement, saying “We have collected all evidence of defamation, false information and malicious rumors about Hyun Bong-sik, and we will file a complaint against the first rumor spreader with the investigative agency”, adding “We will pursue strict legal action without leniency against repeated postings defaming the actor’s reputation”.

Meanwhile, Hyun Bong-sik made his debut in the 2014 movie “The Pirates”. He later made his face known to the public after starring in several Netflix hits, such as “D.P”, “Narco-Saints”, “Gyeongseong Creature”, and “A Killer’s Paradox”. The actor is appearing in JTBC’s ongoing drama “Doctor Slump” as Gong Tae-sun, the uncle of Nam Ha-neul (Park Shin-hye).

Source: Wikitree

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