aespa’s Karina shows “filial daughter” side “I ate out with my family on my birthday using my card”

aespa's Karina showed her "filial daughter" side

Karina appeared as a special DJ on the April 18th broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Lee Seok-hoon’s Brunch Cafe”.

On this day, Karina introduced stories sent by listeners as a DJ. One listener asked, “I have to go to work early, so I skip breakfast. Do you have any special breakfast menu that you enjoy when you’re busy?” Karina replied, “I haven’t had breakfast yet. I plan to eat something delicious after finishing (the show). I like hamburgers.”


When asked how to feel spring, Karina shared, “I really love spring. I was born in spring and I love it so much. I buy dresses a lot. Dresses, swimsuits. I don’t have many occasions to wear them, but I buy a lot. I make a spring playlist and listen to it. You can make a spring playlist and listen to it while driving or taking a walk.

When asked about her favorite subject during her school days, she revealed, “I was a total liberal arts student. I liked subjects like Korean and foreign languages. English, Chinese, those kinds of subjects. Actually, I liked physical education the most.

In particular, one listener shared a touching story of his daughter buying him favorite food with her part-time job money, saying, “When did she grow up like this?” Karina, upon hearing this, expressed her empathy, “It’s so touching. I think I bought it for my father too. I felt like I wanted to be filial in that way. From a certain moment on.

She added, “Not long ago, we all had a meal together on my birthday. It wasn’t my will, but I ended up paying for the meal with my card.”

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