ATBO talks about school violence controversy… “Sorry to those who have been waiting for our debut”

ATBO expressed their position on the controversy before their debut and vowed to use it as an opportunity for development.

ATBO held their debut showcase at Yonsei University’s Sinchon Campus Centennial Memorial Concert Hall on July 27th.

The debut album “The Beginning : 開花” contains stories about “beginning” and “originality” in line with the team name’s meaning “At the beginning of originality”, allowing you to meet ATBO’s unique concept using light, darkness and color as keywords. “The Beginning : 開花” has 6 tracks with various charms, including the title song “Monochrome(Color)”, “71BE (VIBE)”, “Graffiti”, “High Five”, “WoW” and “RUN”.

ATBO is a group created through the survival audition program “The Origin – A, B, Or What?”, which was released on KakaoTV-MBN in May. One of the members selected through the program was embroiled in allegations of school violence. As a result of authentication, the agency admitted this member’s past actions and he withdrew from the group before debut. Won Bin then joined as a new member. The group name also changed.

Regarding this, leader Oh Jun-seok apologized, “There were big and small changes in the process of preparing for our debut. We are very sorry for causing inconvenience to those who have been waiting for our debut.”

He continued, “I was able to unite with our team members through hard times. As Won Bin joined and lived together, it became an opportunity for us to feel our pride. Above all, more difficult things can happen after debut. With that in mind, we want to show you how we stand together to solve problems.”

Meanwhile, ATBO’s debut album “The Beginning : 開花” will be released through major music sites at 6 PM today (July 27th).

Source: daum

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