Actresses Criticized For Excessive Stylings In Dramas: Park Min-young, Park Shin-hye & Suzy

1. Park Min-young

Actress Park Min-young recently received favorable reviews for her perfect acting as the main character Kang Ji-won in the ongoing tvN drama “Marry My Husband”. However, there is still criticism over the actress’s excessive outfits in the drama.

marry my husband

In episode 3, which aired on January 8th, Kang Ji-won went to a gathering of alumni to change the past. Although the gathering was at a BBQ restaurant, Kang Ji-won appeared wearing a black halter-neck dress. Seeing this scene, many viewers complained that the outfit did not suit the setting at all.

In addition, many people also pointed out Park Min-young’s transformations with off-shoulder dresses and dancy outfits in public places such as company offices were unrealistic.

2. Park Shin-hye

Park Shin-hye played the role of neurosurgeon Yoo Hye-young in SBS’s drama “Doctors”. During that time, her styling in the drama became controversial as it looked unrealistic.


Despite the setting in a hospital, doctor Yoo Hye-young walked around and visited patients while wearing dark makeup, long hair, colorful clothes and even high heels. In particular, the most problematic part was her nails. Doctors prioritize cleanliness when taking care of patients so it was so unrealistic for Yoo Hye-young to have nail art.

As the controversy intensified, Park Shin-hye said she would erase her nail art in the remaining episodes.

3. Suzy


After expanding her career to KBS 2TV’s drama “Dream High”, Suzy gained recognition for her perfect image transformation as Noeul in “Uncontrollably Fond”. However, she still faced a backlash for wearing luxurious sponsored outfits in the drama, which did not match her character setting at all.

Noeul is a character who has debts and suffers financial difficulties as she has to support her younger brother. However, Suzy was seen wearing new expensive coats, shoes and bags every day. All of the clothes worn by Suzy reportedly cost thousands to millions of won. Her character rarely wore something twice.

Source: Wikitree

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