Actress Tearfully Explains Misunderstandings After Being Criticized For Dating Chaebol 

Actress Karena Ng talked about the criticism she suffered after dating a third-generation chaebol boyfriend

According to Chinese media E-Today on November 30th (local time), Hong Kong actress Karena Ng shed tears when confessing that she was harshly criticized for publicizing her romantic relationship with a third-generation chaebol in 2022.

Appearing on the November 28th broadcast of an entertainment program, Karena and her boyfriend Brian Shi explained why they kept their relationship a secret and talked about the hardship that their mother endured due to rumors.

Karena Ng

Karena recalled when she was called “a woman with money greed” for dating a third-generation chaebol. Her mother was also accused of having educated her daughter to marry into a rich family at a young age and teaching her daughter to be greedy for money.

Karena apologized for letting her mother hear harsh words because of her and blamed herself for not protecting her mother well. Revealing that she had never had a chance to say sorry to her mother, the actress cried and kept repeating her apology. As such, she kept her romance a secret until last year for fear that such a situation would arise again.

In addition, Brian Shi also expressed his deep sorrow and conveyed his feelings of guilt and regrets towards his girlfriend because she suffered unhappy things because of him.

Meanwhile, the two announced that they were preparing for their marriage. Brian Shi recently took Karena to his grandfather’s birthday party and confirmed on a program that they would hold an official wedding next year.

Source: Daum

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