Lee Hyo-ri’s Unique Fashion With Hoodie & Shorts On SNS Turns Out To Be Spoiler For Comeback?

Netizens realized that Lee Hyo-ri had given a hint about her comeback on SNS before

On October 2nd, Antenna surprised everyone as they announced the release of Lee Hyo-ri’s digital single “HOODIE E BANBAJI”.

The 15-second mood film released together with the announcement shows Lee Hyo-ri wearing a hoodie and looking to one side in a dark alley.

lee hyori

Lee Hyo-ri’s smokey makeup and the video atmosphere remind people of “Anymotion” and “Anyclub” promotions when she was in her heyday 10 years ago. Recently on September 17th, Lee Hyo-ri performed “Anyclub” at the 2023 Hyundai Card Da Vinci Motel festival.

As such, this is the first time in 6 years that Lee Hyo-ri has returned to her main job without a project. In 2017, she promoted her sixth full album “BLACK”. Later, she joined “Hangout with Yoo” and carried out activities as a member of the SSAK3 and Refund Sisters projects.

Amid the rising anticipation for Lee Hyo-ri’s comeback, netizens found hints from her SNS posts in the past.

On the 23rd and 24th of September, Lee Hyo-ri uploaded several photos on her social media with the caption “The season of hoodie and shorts”. One picture shows Lee Hyo-ri wearing a black hoodie and beige shorts on a night walk. In another image, the female singer captivated netizens with her unique Y2K-style OOTD that combined a pink hoodie and sky blue shorts.

Re-examining those photos on Lee Hyo-ri’s SNS, netizens commented “I can’t believe that those pictures were actually spoilers”, “I’m curious about what kind of music she will sing”, “Please release songs often”, etc.

As Lee Hyo-ri has recently expressed her extraordinary passion for her singing career again, fans and netizens are raising expectations for her comeback.

She appeared on Shin Dong-yup’s web entertainment program and revealed that she had registered for lessons at a vocal academy.

Lee Hyo-ri shared, “Seeing Kim Wan-sun and Uhm Jung-hwa on ‘Dancing Queens on the Road’, I thought they looked so young and fresh”, adding “I’m practicing vocal three times a week and also learning to compose on computers. The joy of having something to do and think like doing homework is much happier than the feelings when I received awards and made a lot of money”.

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo-ri’s digital single “HOODIE E BANBAJI” will be released at 6 p.m. on October 12th.

Source: Nate

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