“Absent from group’s schedule?”… Lee Sae-rom’s move after getting involved in dating rumors with Lee Chan-hyuk is unusual

The recent moves of fromis_9 Lee Sae-rom, who is rumored to be dating AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk, are drawing attention from netizens.

The article titled “Lee Sae-rom’s unusual moves after her romance rumors broke out” recently became a hot topic in online communities. 

The netizen who posted this article claimed, “On October 21st, an elderly, who is working in a traditional art organization, posted a group photo taken with fromis_9 at an event of the Cultural Heritage Administration on their Instagram account. The only missing member was leader Lee Sae-rom”.


They continued, “I made a DM (direct message) asking for the date the picture was taken and it turned out to be October 19th”, adding “Articles about the dating rumors were published for the first time on the 19th. It seems to have affected Lee Sae-rom’s activities.”

Earlier, Lee Chan-hyuk and formis_9 Lee Sae-rom were embroiled in rumors of a romantic relationship. Netizens also pointed out evidence, claiming that the two have been dating for over a year. In this regard, both YG and Pledis have not made specific positions on this issue.

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Later, Lee Chan-hyuk appeared on Mnet’s “M Countdown” on October 20th and sang his comeback song “Panorama” while facing his back to the audience. He also stayed silent and didn’t answer any questions during an interview with the MCs prior to his stage. Therefore, netizens wondered, “Isn’t it because of his dating rumors with Lee Sae-rom?”.

Source: Nate

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