AKMU Lee Chan-hyuk is rumored to be dating a fromis_9 member after someone saw them going on a DIY workshop date

Rumors of a romantic relationship between singer Lee Chan-hyuk and fromis_9 Sae-rom have emerged.

Recently, a number of posts have been posted on SNS and online communities claiming that Lee Chan-hyuk and Sae-rom seem to be dating.

In summary, rumors of their relationship have emerged since late last year. Lee Chan-hyuk posted a photo of his visit to the kitchenware store Astier de Villatte on social media in October last year, while Sae-rom also posted a photo of her at the same place.

Lee Chan-hyuk

The fact that they both wore rings with similar designs also encouraged rumors of a dating relationship. Netizens also speculated that the similar flower paintings they shared on social media may also imply their relationship.

On top of that, on Oct 17th, words spread that someone saw Lee Chan-hyuk and Sae-rom together.

Netizen A claimed, “Chan-hyuk and Sae-rom are dating. They came to a DIY workshop run by an acquaintance and bought some paintings. Chan-hyuk came out on ‘I Live Alone’ and pretended to be lonely, but he is just a deceiver.

fromis 9 saerom

Meanwhile, Lee Chan-hyuk also showed his willingness to marry on a recent broadcast. Lee Chan-hyuk appeared on MBC’s “I Live Alone,” which aired on Oct 14th, and said, “It’s hard to be alone at home. I can’t live alone. If I have a partner, I want to get married tomorrow. Marriage is my only dream.

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