Foreigner idols: unique and charming flowers in “the field of idols”

Foreigner idols always own a unique charm compared to other Korean idols. This gives them a distinct color whenever they step on the stage.

Idols from Thailand

After the appearance of the Thai prince Nichkhun (2PM) 11 years ago, Thai idols only return to the K-Pop scene recently. Since a long time ago, idols from China and Japan seems to rule the category due to K-Pop being promoted mainly at these markets. The appearance of Thai idols brings a new wind to the industry. The most famous ones include Lisa (BLACK PINK), Bam Bam (GOT7) and Ten (NCT). It can easily be seen that their advantages are skilled dance moves, various stage appeal, unique voice color and the ability to control the stage.

foreign1 683x1024
…with her skilled dance moves.
foreign3 683x1024
Bam Bam (GOT7)…
…is no weak opponent.
…totally owns the stage.
foreign7 683x1024
Minnie ((G)I-DLE)…
…got herself an unique voice

From a cutesy to a sexy concept, these idols can easily handle all of them. Aside from their skilled ability on stage, they are also trillingual which mean they are fluent in Korean, English and Thai. This proves as a big help for the group when promoting overseas.

Thai idols have quickly attracted fans since debut because of their special personality and natural humor, along with their outstanding talent. Thai idol groups are increasingly sought after by the entertainment industry even though Thailand is not yet a Kpop music market.

Idols from Japan

Japan is the second largest music market in the world, so big Kpop companies always invest in this market because of the huge profits. It is also part of the reasons why Japanese idols appear in the Kpop group.

The characteristics of Japanese idols are energetic and positive, and this trait is evident in Sana, Momo, Mina (TWICE), Sakura (IZ * ONE) and Yuta (NCT). When watching their performances, the audience always receives a huge energy source because of the radiant, energetic spirit of idols from the land of cherry blossoms.

foreign10 683x1024
IZ*ONE‘s “peach baby” * Sakura
foreign11 683x1024
…and Yuta (NCT) possess a special shine

For Japanese idols, a point that may be rare in other idols is that the natural energy radiating in their performances without having to do anything, just walking and smiling is enough to make everyone focus on them because the vibe is so special. Japanese idols are often not the most talented people in the group but when they go on stage, they are one of the brightest members and also the idols who can attract fans.

The appearance of Japanese idols also contributed a small part to the success of the Kpop wave in Japan.

Idols from Taiwan and China

Referring to Chinese idols, we will immediately think of technical acrobatics and toughness in each of their dance moves. It can be easily seen that the idols from China all possess innate dancing abilities and entertainment companies are constantly looking for them to create breakthroughs in performances. Victoria (f (x)) acrobatics in “Chu ~”, Chengxiao (WJSN) in “Catch Me” are definitely unforgettable performances for fans for their originality and sophistication in the ability of Chinese idols.

“Chu ~” – f (x)
“Catch Me” – WJSN

In addition, the looks of idols from China are also equally special, different from Thai idols with special attraction through performances, Japanese idols through natural charisma, yet Chinese idols own the extremely “sharp” appearance. There was a time when Kris and Luhan (ex EXO members) used to flutter the Kpop fan community because their visuals which are like from the comics, or Pinky (PRISTIN) was also the most mentioned name on the online community sites because of their outstanding beauties.

foreign13 683x1024

Not to mention, Taiwanese idols also possessed equally outstanding looks, Tzuyu (TWICE) and Lai Guan Lin (Wanna One) also made fans scream every time they showed up.

foreign14 677x1024
foreign15 682x1024
Lai Guan Lin

It can be seen that foreign idols have created special features in the picture of colorful Kpop idols. In addition, their appearance is also a huge plus for international activities of groups, especially in the two major Chinese and Japanese music markets. Currently, entertainment companies are constantly searching and recruiting foreign trainees to create different charisma for their group.

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