A series of groups are treated badly by the stylist

In one case, the prepared outfits also endanger the idol.

When stylists choose an outfit that is not suitable for idols, they will receive a lot of criticism from netizens.  Therefore, over the years, stylists have been much more careful in choosing outfits for group members.  However, only in 2020, there were many times that the stylist of the famous idols has been criticized.


The first is the stylist of the boy group BTS.  Although this year, the group’s stylist has improved a lot and brought a series of outfits to enhance the charisma of the seven boys, during BTS’s appearance on Time magazine, this person continued to make mistakes.  Specifically, the stylist allowed member Jin to wear clothes that were too big and baggy and made the male singer’s appearance unbalanced.


Famous for picking ugly outfits, stylists of two JYP girl groups were criticized in 2020. The first was Twice with the Seoul Music Awards.  Specifically, member Momo was chosen for a slightly sexy outfit – especially, not suitable for the cold weather of Korea at that time.  Not stopping this, the suit also made Momo uncomfortable many times, and had to cover it with her hands.

Another JYP girl group also has many embarrassing situations with the clothes given by the stylist.  During the performance of the song Wannabe, Ryujin was chosen for a pair of extremely wide, dangerous shoes when performing strong choreography.  Most recently, at 2020 The Fact Music Awards, ITZY’s “pinky” outfits are also a topic of discussion.

Wearing short skirts can help the singer show off her long legs, but keeping excessively short dresses is another story.  Earlier this year, (G) I-DLE’s stylist was criticized for a short outfit.  In addition to Minnie, all the members wore so short skirts that their protective shorts were even revealed. Moreover, the choreography had many movements related to the legs, so many people thought the costumes were not suitable for the song.


Hopefully, in the coming time, stylists of Kpop groups will fulfill their tasks well, choose suitable outfits for idols.


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