A prospective child star in Korean dramas: Kim Seo Joon gains popularity as the “younger version” of Kim Nam Gil and praiseworthy acting performances 

Island” just aired the first few episodes of its second part and fans are already buzzing with how the story is unfolding. Among the stellar lineup, attention is directed to the child actor Kim Seo Joon for his performance as the young Van. 

kim seo joon
Kim Seo Joon (right) and his fellow child actors 

While Kim Seo Joon did not have much time on-screen, the child star managed to persuade the audience with every chance he got. Through his acting, viewers understood how Van became a half-demon half-human being who survived by killing the “lust demons.” Apart from his performance, viewers believed the casting was on point because of the similarity between Kim Seo Joon and Kim Nam Gil. 

kim seo joon

As a thirteen-year-old actor, Kim Seo Joon has had 3 years of acting experience under his belt. He has his first role in 2020 with the drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” and has appeared in a total of 7 TV series from that point onwards. At this moment, Kim Seo Joon is also working on the period drama “Our Blooming Youth.” 

kim seo joon
Kim Seo Joon in the behind-the-scenes for “Our Blooming Youth” 
kim seo joon
Real-life photos of Kim Seo Joon 

Image source: tvN, Hancinema

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