A member of this idol group was assaulted by his leader, had to go on schedules with a bruise on his face

Beyond just bullying, the news that an idol is assaulted by his team’s leader left every netizen in shock.

The bullying rumors related to idol groups is no longer a strange thing anymore. Most of them stop as rumors only, but some idols have testified that there was actual harassment happening in their group before leaving for good.

Guang He Shao Nian

In the midst of this, netizens are shocked to hear that an idol is reportedly assaulted by his team member, beyond simple harassment. On Jan 10th, Taiwan’s terrestrial broadcaster TVBS reported that Zi Yu, a member of the Chinese idol group “Guang He Shao Nian,” was assaulted by his teammate Zheng Xing Yuan.

Guang He Shao Nian

According to reports, the rumor has been spreading widely among fans. This is because Zi Yu has been going on his schedules with bruises on his face and neck since early December last year.

Zi Yu is said to have consoled the fans who were worried about him, saying, “I’m okay, so don’t cry.” However, when his agency explained, “He was only injured during dance practice, not bullied,” he decided to confess the truth.

Guang He Shao Nian

Zi Yu exposed the story on his SNS, saying, “On the evening of December 8th, 2022, while practicing in the practice room in Hangzhou, Zheng Xing Yuan hit me.”

“I wanted to end my activities peacefully, so I was discussing the termination of my contract with the company from December 31st, 2022. During this period, I still faithfully carried out my schedule. But a few days ago, on January 8th, the company unilaterally contacted me, demanding me to take all my things and leave, which is absurd.”

Guang He Shao Nian

Zheng Xing Yuan continues to remain silent as Zi Yu’s post went viral. He belatedly expressed his position, beginning with “I was in the hospital.”

He said, “We failed to understand each other during practice, so we got into a quarrel. It turned into a physical fight. Both of us were injured. As a leader and bigger brother, it’s my fault for not resolving the conflict properly.”

Guang He Shao Nian

He also released the chat conversation between them, saying, “We have solved the problem and made up in front of my team members and staff the next day.”

In the chat, Zheng Xing Yuan said, “I don’t want to lose you, who have experienced ups and downs together with me over the past few years,” adding, “I hope I can have a chance to make up for my mistakes. I hope the day will come when we can talk face to face again,” he wrote.

Zheng Xing Yuan also released a medical certificate that he was suffering from depression.

Guang He Shao Nian

However, fans expressed their disappointment. They believed Zheng’s claim was “false,” saying, “In the medical certificate released by Zheng Xing Yuan, the examination time shown is only 1 minute.”

On the other hand, fans are cheering for Zi Yu’s withdrawal by posting comments such as “Reveal the CCTV footage in the practice room” and “Violence is a bad thing.”

Meanwhile, Guang He Shao Nian is an idol group that debuted in June 2021 and is active in China.

Source: Insight

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