A foreign contestant debuts as center of a group formed through survival show for the first time in Mnet’s history 

Zhang Hao, a Chinese contestant, debuts as the center of an idol group formed through Mnet’s “Boys Planet.” 

On April 20th, “Boys Planet” finale officially took place. A boy group was officially born, named ZB1 (ZEROBASEONE) that will carry out activities for 2 years and 6 months under WAKEONE Entertainment. Nine members, from the first position to the ninth position, include Zhang Hao, Sung Han Bin, Seok Matthew, Ricky, Park Gun Wook, Kim Tae Rae, Kim Gyu Vin, Kim Ji Woong, and Han Yu Jin. 

The official name of the boy group coming out of “Boys Planet” 

This is also the first time “Boys Planet”, a Mnet’s survival show debuts a foreign contestant as the center of the group. Previously, groups from these survival shows mainly have a Korean member as the center: Jeon Somi (I.O.I), Kang Daniel (Wanna One), Jang Won Young (IZ*ONE), and Kim Yo Han (X1). 

Zhao Hao got emotional after getting the first place 
Kang Daniel (the center of Wanna One)
Jang Won Young (the center of IZ*ONE)
Jeon Somi (the center of I.O.I) 

Zhang Hao was born in 2000 and is a Chinese trainee under Yuehua Entertainment. From the start, Zhang Hao has gained considerable attention for his attractive visual and outstanding performances. He is called an “all-rounder” of the show. 

With the effort that Zhao Hao put into the program, fans believe he earns the spot and congratulate the idol on the next step in his career. Zhang Hao will have a solo song in the group’s forthcoming album. 

Zhang Hao’s visual on “Boys Planet” 
The idol boasts a variety of talents

Source: K14 

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