(G)I-DLE Miyeon: a Kpop visual so nice nobody believe she can have an attitude scandal

(G)I-DLE member Miyeon has won over the hearts of various netizens with her spectacular visuals and perfect personalities. 

Among (G)I-DLE members, Miyeon is one of those with the hugest public appeal. The female idol is not just well-loved by fans, but also by the older audiences, who find her extremely pretty and nice, to the point nobody would believe if she’s accused of being mean. 

In April 2022, Miyeon appeared on a program, where she had a direct conversation with a mother of one fan. When the mother complained about her kid going to sleep late, Miyeon too the blame onto herself, saying that it was her that told fans not to sleep early. Then, she promised to interact with fans earlier, and even now stays true to her words. 

In particular, Miyeon now no longer does livestreams late at night. Instead, she’d go online immediately after finishing her schedules, and end before 12 a.m. This action earns the female idol a lot of praise from the public.

Previously, another beautiful action of Miyeon was also revealed by a parent of her fans. In particular, said parent published a post back in August 2021, sharing that they wrote a letter to Miyeon about their child’s worsening mental health and asking the female idol for an autograph and comforting message.

To their great surprise, Miyeon actually sent an autograph back, even attaching with it a handwritten letter filled with positive words. The parent was greatly moved, and felt like they needed to share about the incident.

In addition to her beautiful personality, Miyeon also never disappointed when it comes to her visuals, which have shined even brighter over time. To netizens, Miyeon is a rare example of being gorgeous both inside and outside. 

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