Taeyeon (SNSD) and her journey to become the long-time enemy of EXO’s fandom

Taeyeon is always going in for unfounded criticism from EXO-L

Taeyeon, SNSD‘s leader is one of the leading female idols today. Although she has debuted for 11 years, it is hard to underestimate Taeyeon’s charm even when there have emerged so many beautiful young idols that have lately debuted. However, during her glorious career, Taeyeon has also had to face with a huge number of anti-fans who are always ready to attack as well as bash her regardless of day and night.

In particular, Taeyeon‘s anti-fans are so aggressive and violent, most of whom are fans of EXO, her juniors in SM Entertainment.

Her scandal dating Baekhyun

This has been one of Taeyeon‘s biggest scandals up to now. This female idol has had so many dating rumors but this was the first time she had confirmed to the media and fans about her love story.

Taeyeon and Baekhyun’s dating photos once shocked everyone

She had to suffer a lot of annoying words and her personal fanpage was once attacked seriously by Baekhyun’s fans. After this mess, SONE realized that Taeyeon had not been as cheerful as before.

The question whether she reunited with Baekhyun or not

In September of 2017, Baekhyun‘s big fansites were suddenly inactive. It was speculated that the reason why the moderators stopped supporting Baekhyun was because Baekhyun and Taeyeon got back together. The evidence was that both of them frequently shared the same earbuds. In addition, Taeyeon laughed happily when meeting Baekhyun on a music stage, causing many fans to burn with anger.

The earbud was said to be the possible couple item of Baekhyun and Taeyeon

Her rumours dating Chanyeol

After her shocking scandal with her junior Baekhyun, Taeyeon kept being bashed when there raised suspicion over her relationship with Chanyeol. Especially, Chanyeol used to like her videos and followed the SNS account of this idol. The two were even caught up going to a concert together. It was so serious that Chanyeol had to disclaim all false information.

Interaction on SNS had made netizens suspicious of Chanyeol and Taeyeon’s relationship

Laying her hands on Suho’s shoulders and glancing at him

On another occasion, SNSD and EXO members took a photo after finishing a show. Due to the narrow space, Taeyeon had to lay her hands on Suho‘s shoulders. This moment was taken and became the hot topic of discussion on social networks on many days. EXO’s fans had thought that the female idol was just trying to flirt with Suho and to attract his attention on purpose.

The moment that raised suspicion that Taeyeon delibearately tried to flirt with Suho

Being bashed by an anti-fans because she went to EXO’s concert

In 2015, the rumours that Taeyeon secretly attended EXO‘s concert widely broke out on SNS. It was believed that the female idol came there to support her boyfriend, Baekhyun.

Exo_ concert

Many people posted on Taeyeon‘s personal page and left vulgar comments: “Why are you there?”, “Going to their concert is thoughtless and stay away from that place” or “You have no right to go to their concert!”, etc. However, there was no evidence that Taeyeon had turned up at the concert that day.

Posting Suho’s photos on her personal page

Up to now, many EXO-Ls have still had a habit of stalking Taeyeon‘s instagram and supervising this idol’s posts. Recently, Taeyeon has came to support Suho‘s musical play and then posted a photo with the leader of EXO on her personal page.

The intimate photo of Taeyeon and Suho made EXO-L angry

Taeyeon‘s actions have met the fierce opposition of EXO-L. Many fans even begged Taeyeon not to continue to involve with EXO members or post anything about them. EXO-L thought that Taeyeon was always wanting to attract public attention through social networks.

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