5 most searched male Kpop idols on Korean YouTube: EXO made a surprise appearance alongside BTS!

Which idol from EXO made this list among BTS members? 

YouTube is where Kpop idols publish all their musical videos and contents, and also where fandoms watch fancams, funny videos, and cute moments of their favorite artists. Therefore, YouTube is just as important as Google when it comes to finding the most buzz-worthy Kpop idols. 

Charts illustrating the number of searches for the 5 idols. 

Recently, a user on the Korean forum theqoo has compiled YouTube statistics about the most searched male Kpop idols, and found 5 names that stand at the top. Among these 5 are 4 BTS members and a surprising appearance from an EXO member. 

Below are the 5 most-search male idols on Korean YouTube:

1. Jungkook (BTS)

The maknae of worldwide boy group BTS continues to rule social media in 2022, and even earned the nickname of “SNS King”. However, he also has another title – “The King of fancams”, and is the Kpop idol with the highest number of YouTube searches in the past 5 years. 


With eye-catching charisma and overflowing energy, fancams of Jungkook always go viral among fans and even non-fans. Therefore, it’s no surprise to see the idol on his rightful throne. 

Jungkook is also the most-searched idol on Korean YouTube in multiple years. More impressively, he has achieved this with no solo MVs nor solo musical products. 

2. V (BTS) 


V and Jungkook are always neck and neck on social media. If V has more Instagram followers and likes than his groupmate, then Jungkook surpasses him on YouTube.

3. Jimin (BTS) 

Last March, BTS successfully finished 3 nights of their offline concert “Permission To Dance On Stage” in Korea, after 2 years of delay due to the pandemic. 

BTS Jimin

Among BTS members, Jimin most often goes viral for his stage presence and lit choreography skills. Some noticeable moments of the idols include the time he smoothly got up after slipping during a Black Swan performance, and one when he sat down with only one leg, as if there was an invisible chair.

4. Baekhyun (EXO)

Dubbed as a stage genius, Baekhyun is also hailed as the “king of expressions” among gen 3 idols. In fact, Baekhyun is able to rapidly change his image to suit different concepts, no matter if it’s cute and refreshing or chic and cool. 

So, despite having been absent due to his enlistment, Baekhyun just fits right into this list. 

5. Suga (BTS) 

Finally, we have BTS’s rapper Suga, who makes his way into the list after his collaboration with PSY, as well as various other viral videos. 

Source: theqoo

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