BTS Jin once tried to dye his own hair and the result was truly unexpected!

A funny story about BTS Jin was recently widely shared on SNS.

Recently, a humorous story about BTS Jin. was shared on social media and attracted attention. Specifically, during his free time before the concert in Japan in 2019, the male idol made a daring decision to try dyeing his own hair at the hotel without the assistance of a stylist or staff. Since he wasn’t a professional hairdresser, Jin’s hair dyeing process failed as predicted. Afterward, the BTS member had to go on Twitter to express his frustration to fans because his dyed hair was ruined just one day before the concert.

bts jin
Jin dyeing his hair at the hotel

However, Jin caused a buzz across various social media platforms and received many positive reactions from fans. His one-of-a-kind purple hair gained a lot of attention.

As this funny moment was “brought back,” netizens expressed their delight and admiration for the amazing visual of the BTS member. Some netizen comments include:

  • This look is truly iconic, the hairdo is one of a kind.
  • That time I got visual shock, he was incredibly handsome.
  • Indeed, it’s the advantage of having a handsome face, and Jin suits the purple color so well!
  • Visual shock, a beautiful person makes everything look gorgeous!
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