Famous Produce 101 Gave Up On K-pop Dream, Worked Part-time, Got 970 Scores In TOEIC And Went To College

Lee Soo-min, who was famous as a KPOP trainee, revealed her recent situation

On November 10th, on the YouTube channel “TAEK and JOON”, a video was uploaded featuring former KPOP trainee Lee Soo-min, who was famous for appearing in various survival programs such as “K-Pop Star 6,” “Produce 101” and “Mix Nine.”

Lee Soo-min said, “I studied as an ordinary person, and it hasn’t been long since I entered college.” Regarding her TOEIC scores, she revealed, “I got the perfect score for speaking and my reading and writing score is about 970. I transferred to Dongduk Women’s University. My major is International Business Administration. I wanted to have a more professional job as a second job, not just in the art sector.”

The former trainee revealed, “In the past, I was recognized on the street, but now I can go around comfortably. My face looked swollen on the screen, so people can recognize me when I gain weight.”

She recalled working at a Zara store in Seoul Station, “I’m not good with using my hands. I needed to fold the clothes nicely, but it didn’t work. They only ordered me to hang clothes. It was pretty fun back then, too. I made money for the first time. I thought, ‘Oh, it’s so hard to make money,'” adding that she later worked as an English teacher.

Soo-min was a trainee who played in various survival programs, had skills and recognition. But he didn’t make his debut. Regarding this, she said, “I was upset. Whenever something good happens to me, I feel like something is taken away. So I got a bad habit. If I look forward to it too much, things won’t work out, and I get desperate, so I thought negatively about ‘what can I do?’ and I felt depressed myself.”

Lee Soo-min then said, “I felt relieved when I quit my trainee life. Because it was so hard and it wasn’t “a little tired,” but it seemed like my life was just losing its meaning, and it was getting worse. I really thought I should stop. I haven’t been able to listen to music or watch TV for a while,” she confessed.

“When I hear a song, I imagine standing on stage,” she said. “Now I don’t want to imagine that when I listen to music. It’s all over now anyway, and I won’t be able to be on stage. I was very depressed, and I didn’t want to live. My family was also worried, so when I explained and they listened to me,” she recalled of the hard times.

Lee Soo-min continued, “But I don’t want to end my life even though I was thinking about something bad. I’m still young and I want to do a lot of things. This isn’t the end of my life. On days when I’m really tired, I read the comments once in a while.”

The former trainee revealed her mother told her to study TOEIC and go to college, “but I didn’t think I could go. Now that I’m going, I feel like I’ve revived my confidence that I’ve run out of then. I saw that there was something I could do other than singing and dancing. If I hadn’t become a trainee and then lived a normal life, wouldn’t know how I was a frog in a well.”

However, she recently made a surprise comeback as a musical actress. Lee Soo-min said, “I’m happy when studying something else, but I don’t have happy feelings deep down. However, when I sing, it comes up. It’s ironic. I was distressed by it, but I feel the best when I do it. I feel like I look the coolest when I sing,” she said, expressing her affection for work.

Source: Daum

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