42-year-old actress Han Ga In experiences driving a tractor for the first time, “I want to return to the countryside after sending my children to colleges”

“Day Without Hands” Han Ga In shows off her veteran driving skills by handling the wheels of a truck and a tractor.

Episode 13 of JTBS’s program “Day Without Hands”, which is scheduled to air on February 28th, depicts the client’s family wrapping up their city life and returning to Yeongam, Jeollanam-do, to spend time with their parents-in-law.

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Han Ga In will challenge driving a tractor for the first time in her life. In the recent recording, Han Ga In and Shin Dong Yup visited a cattle shed raised by the client’s family members who are about to return to the countryside and do farming. Seeing the client’s husband learning to drive a tractor, Han Ga In looked curious, saying “Can I try?”.

After getting on the tractor, Han Ga In was excited to see the handle grips that are different from that of cars. It is said that Han Ga In impressed everyone on the set with her veteran driving skills as she understood how to operate the tractor at once and performed skillfully, including moving forwards, backwards, controlling the speed, etc. 

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On the same day, Han Ga In shared, “I think it would be nice to return to the countryside and do farming after your children grow up and go to colleges”, drawing attention by revealing her dream of returning to the countryside. Shin Dong Yup and Han Ga In will also express their honest thoughts on rural life after hearing the story of the client who decided to end her city life and start farming. 

Therefore, viewers are looking forward to the new broadcast of “Day Without Hands” that features Han Ga In telling about her dream of living in the countryside and taking a step closer to her dream by challenging a new thing for the first time.

JTBC’s “Day Without Hands” airs its 13th episode at 10:30 p.m. on February 28th.

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