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“HMLYCP” Kim Chae Won shows unusual love for sitting sauna, Miyeon fails to answer quiz about (G)I-DLE

Episode 10 of ENA’s program “HMLYCP”, which aired on May 14th, showed Hyeri, (G)I-DLE Miyeon, Lee Jung, Choi Ye Na, LE SSERAFIM Kim Chae Won and Patricia doing a quest challenge.

Following last week’s episode, the members continued to challenge K-pop N second Hell Quest, which asks common knowledge questions about K-pop with a time limit. Last week, Hyeri failed to name BTS members within the time limit and ended up apologizing for her mistake. In this episode, BTS-related questions reappeared, raising the tension.


Miyeon faced the biggest crisis as she missed the question related to her own group (G)I-DLE. Therefore, Patricia and the other members began to worry, asking “Can this be shown on broadcast?”, “Can we go home by tomorrow?”, etc. Miyeon showed a serious face and said, “Then what should I do?”, drawing laughter.

However, Miyeon complained of unfairness, saying “I already said that I wouldn’t be able to guess my own song”. She continued, “I can’t even think of my team members at this moment”, adding “I can’t even remember my own songs if any question about them appears”, making everyone laugh hard.

In the meantime, as they proceeded to another game, personalized desire favorite items, such as a capsule coffee machine and humidifier, were introduced making the members change their reactions. Above all, the sitting sauna Kim Chae Won desperately wanted to have also appeared.


During the interview with the production team before filming “HMLYCP”, Kim Chae Won already expressed her affection for the sitting sauna. The members also helped Kim Chae Won get the thing she wanted.

Hyeri chose the 97-point karaoke challenge but then changed her mind and tried the water bottle quest that no one has succeeded. 

Source: Daum

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