Zheng Shuang shows hair loss and declining visuals after abortion and abuse scandal

Once known as the “youth goddess”, Chinese actress Zheng Shuang’s appearance took a downturn after her scandal. 

On May 31st, Chinese social platform QQ released the latest images of Zheng Shuang, taking the public by surprise. In particular, the Chinese actress showed signs of hair loss, weight gain, and declining beauty after a long absence.


According to QQ, Zheng Shuang has been out of the entertainment industry for two years, so she no longer pays as much attention to her appearance as before. Currently, she lives with her parents in the United States, and is studying law to fight against those who exploit her and try to dig up her past. 

While the actress did not specify the exact individuals or lawsuits, many believe that she is still engaged in a legal dispute with her ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng. Additionally, Zheng Shuang often participates in activities within the Chinese community in the United States.

It is known that Zheng Shuang previously faced charges of tax evasion and had to pay a fine of 299 million Chinese yuan (approximately 44.7 million USD). Furthermore, with the actress’ scandals brewing and severely affecting projects starring her, the producers of dramas “Jade Lover” and “Masked” demand Zheng Shuang to compensate a total of 120 million Chinese yuan (over 17.2 million USD) for damages. 


However, according to QQ, the actress still lives comfortably due to the substantial assets accumulated during her years in the entertainment industry.

Before being banned, Zheng Shuang consistently ranked among the highest-paid actresses in the Chinese entertainment industry, thanks to her immense popularity and large fan base. Leaked contracts revealed that Zheng Shuang earned 2.08 million Chinese yuan (around 300,000 USD), per day of filming, an astounding figure that is equivalent to an average Chinese worker’s salary for around ten years.

Additionally, Zheng Shuang also participated in variety shows, earning several million Chinese yuan per show.

On the other hand, in 2021, Zheng Shuang’s career reached a low point after her ex-boyfriend Zhang Heng accused her of unethical behaviors, such as attempting to abort their seven-month-old fetuses, child abuse, and tax evasion, leading to the collapse of her reputation.

Specifically, during their intense romantic relationship, Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng had a surrogate mother carry their children in the United States. However, they eventually went their separate ways, and the actress refused to accept the children and wanted to terminate the pregnancy when the fetuses were seven months old. After the twins were born, Zheng Shuang also did not visit or inquire about them.

Zhang Heng also alleged that Zheng Shuang physically abused the children, though the actress denied such claims. 

These accusations completely shocked the Chinese and Asian entertainment industries alike. At the time, an official media site even commented that Zheng Shuang had violated the limits of human ethics alike, and the public turned their backs on her.

Source: k14

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