Park Bo Gum, who recently discharged, used a special tone when filming a variety show

Actor Park Bo Gum, who discharged from the military 2 months ago, showed his soldier spirit on a new variety show 

In the TVING original program “Youth MT”, which was released on September 9th, the cast of “Love in the Moonlight”, including Kim Yoo Jung, Park Bo Gum, Jinyoung, Kwak Dong Yeon, and Chae Soo Bin, reunited at the base camp Boryeong.

park bo gum youth mt

On the same day, Park Bo Gum went to the camp as soon as he arrived from France, where he previously visited for filming. Park Bo Gum, who said he would be late due to his flight schedules, hid behind a tree to surprise his colleagues and covered himself up.

While waiting for his colleagues and talking to the production team, Park Bo Gum suddenly used the “Tanaka tone”, which is often used in the military, causing everyone to laugh. It seems that as Park Bo Gum discharged from the military only 2 months earlier, he still retains the habit. 

park bo gum youth mt

Seeing this, netizens showed enthusiastic reactions via comments such as, “The way he talks is exciting and cute”, “His habit still hasn’t left the military yet”, and “Such a clear and bright soul”. 

While Park Bo Gum was talking with the production team, the rest of the “Love in the Moonlight” team arrived. Having waited for an hour already, Park Bo Gum succeeded in surprising them.

park bo gum youth mt

On the other hand, “Youth MT” is a TVING original program which features cast members from famous K-dramas like “Love in the Moonlight”, “Itaewon Class”, and “The Sound of Magic”.

Source: insight

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