YTN Reporters Picked BLACKPINK’s Rosé As Best, Park Min-young As So-so And Lee El As Worst Dresser Of The Week

YTN celebrity reporters look at the fashion of stars at various events and decide the rankings through voting.

◆ Best – Rosé

rose blackpink-Rimowa

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: This week’s overwhelming best. Her hair and makeup, and styling are all flawless. The tube top dress, reminiscent of tulips in full bloom, is cute and lively, while the material and color give it a luxurious look at the same time. On top of that, transparent makeup and blonde hair are also a perfect match.

Reporter Oh Ji-won: The Barbie doll appeared! A simple, but unique one-piece dress that stands out just with its line. I was surprised once again by Rosé, who looked like a doll.

◆ Good – Jang Da-ah

jang da ah-Rimowa

Reporter Choi Bo-ran: It is a look that combines luxuriousness and liveliness. The ribboned top and unbalanced skirt are cute, but the dark navy color gives stress to the look. It looks fancy and luxurious with the matching of calm colors.

Reporter Kang Na-ri: This is okay for her first brand event participation. If she had chosen achromatic color for either cross bag or jacket, the look could have looked more well put, but both items are orange, so they have their own unity.

◆ So so – Park Min-young

park min young-Rimowa

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: Park Min-young who chose the dress, cardigan, small bag and shoes all white ended up being so-so. She chose a safe style with an easy and normal look, but failed to show eye-catching charms.

Reporter Kang Na-ri: She chose an all-white look to make you feel the energy of early summer just around the corner. But I feel a little bored. If she had chosen a different color for a bag or cardigan, it would have been a cheerful point.

◆ Worst – Lee El

lee EL Rimowa

Reporter Choi Bo-ran: It is a fashion look that has gone too far ahead of time. Lee El’s unique chic charm is hidden under oversized shirts and pants, leaving only old vibe.

Reporter Kim Sung-hyun: Should I say it’s too avant-garde? Top and bottom, makeup and hair all look out of harmony.

Reporter Kang Na-ri: The pattern of the outfit and the fit are old-fashioned. It’s a pity as the red lip that seems to be floating in the middle seems to be a burden to the look.

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