This idol is so pretty people think she was scouted on the street

Kang Hye-won, who debuted as a member of the girl group IZ*ONE in 2018, is receiving a lot of attention and love for her beautiful appearance and unique personality.

Kang Hye-won

Kang Hye-won was a trainee for the debut lineup of the girl group DAYDAY in 2017, but was eliminated and decided to participate in “Produce 48” after moving to 8D Entertainment, a new agency at the time. Later, she was selected as one of the final members of IZ*ONE with her innocent appearance and honest easy-going personality, receiving attention and love from many people.

Even during IZ*ONE’s active period, Kang Hye-won gained a lot of popularity by being in the visual line within the group with her outstanding facial features and beautiful appearance. In fact, the idol also expressed her pride in her innocent appearance by jokingly saying, “Innocence? I’m always number one.”

Kang Hye-won

There was also an anecdote that a school teacher in high school used to ask Kang Hye-won, “How does it feel to live with that face?”

Kang Hye-won

When her past photos were released on the Internet, fans responded by saying, “If she’s not a celebrity, who would?” and “She was born to be a celebrity.”

Currently having more than 1.6 million SNS followers, the idol also received a lot of attention on March 5th by showing off her goddess pose wearing a knit top. Fans who saw the photo showed various reactions, such as “I’m dying for her beauty” and “She’s such a goddess.”

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