Youn Yuh Jung talks about advertising profits after leaving Hook, “My advertising fee is quite…”

“MMTG” reunited with actress Youn Yuh Jung after two years.

On April 24th, SBS’s web entertainment show “MMTG” released an interview with actress Youn Yuh Jung in New York.

Revealing that she came to New York to attend an event, MC Jae Jae explained, “It is because actress Youn Yuh Jung became an ambassador for a beauty brand at the age of 75”.


Jae Jae mentioned the shopping mall advertisement, asking “As you said in the previous episode, you filmed a CF right after receiving the offer”. Youn Yuh Jung replied, “But I didn’t receive much money from it”.

She added, “Ah, I guess it was before I got nominated for awards. Or was it after I received a nomination? I can’t even remember it clearly”.

The actress honestly shared, “When I just came back from overseas schedules, I was too tired to film a commercial so I asked my manager if I could cancel it. They told me that I would have to pay three times the fees for the cancellation. So I asked, ‘How much is it if it’s triple?’, and it turned out that the amount was not much.”


She continued, “So I asked, ‘Why is the penalty so cheap?’, and the staff said, ‘Because you signed the contract before you got nominated…’”, drawing laughter from “MMTG” production team.

When JaeJae commented, “People who made the proposal (for the shopping mall advertisement) must have sharp eyes”, Youn Yuh Jung replied, “The kids are so smart”.

Meanwhile, on a broadcast in November 2021, KBS’s program “Entertainment Weekly” estimated that Youn Yuh Jung, who became a blue chip in the advertising industry after winning an Oscar, might have earned 300 million won in advertising fees per year. It was expected that the actress, who modeled for 7 brands at that time, would have earned approximately 2.1 billion won.

Source: Wikitree

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