Yoona looks drop-dead gorgeous despite makeup fail, exudes intense chemistry with Lee Jong Suk at new press conference

The press conference for upcoming K-drama “Big Mouth” attracts attention with “visual couple” SNSD Yoona and Lee Jong Suk.

On July 29th, the press conference for upcoming K-drama “Big Mouth” was held in Seoul, drawing the attention of Korean media and audiences across Asia. Here, the major cast of the series, including SNSD Yoona, Lee Jong Suk, Ok Ja Yeon, Yang Kyung Won, and Kim Joo Heon boasted outstanding appearances.

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Dressed in a chic black gown that highlighted her fair skin and ideal physique, Yoona became the center of attention at the event. Her light makeup enlarged the actress’ eye bags and her exhaustion, though it did not hinder the outstanding beauty of the idol-actress. By her side was famous actor Lee Jong Suk, who flaunted his god-like visuals as well as model proportions. True to their characters in “Big Mouth”, who are married, the two exuded an intense chemistry despite just linking arms. This “visual couple” is expected to reign the Korean small screen in the near future.

snsd yoona big mouth
Yoona stole the spotlight with her chic and soft appearance. Her black dress highlighted the actress’ fair skin and ideal body. 
snsd yoona big mouth
While her makeup look could use some improvements, Yoona looked drop-dead gorgeous in all angles. However, as she is busy preparing for both “Big Mouth” and the approaching comeback of SNSD, several fans detected exhaustion in Yoona’s eyes. 
lee jong suk
Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk made a deep impression with his masculine and alluring appearance in a vest suit. The actor’s model-like physique and long legs were excellently highlighted. 
lee jong suk
Lee Jong Suk’s wavy hair really added to his alluring charms.
lee jong suk snsd yoona
The most iconic moment of the event is when Yoona affectionately linked her arms with Lee Jong Suk. They have known each other for 10 years, but not until this project did they get the chance to work with each other as an on-screen couple.
lee jong suk snsd yoona
Both are known as the top visuals of the Korean entertainment industry. Despite their age difference of 2 years, Yoona and Lee Jong Suk’s perfect chemistry is highly expected to rule the small screen in the near future.
yang kyung won
Everyone’s favorite “funny guy” from “Crash Landing On You” – Yang Kyung Won – also dressed up to attend the press conference of “Big Mouth.”
ok ja yeon
Actress Ok Ja Yeon appeared in an elegant white dress. Her slim physique is hard for the audience to take their eyes off, as well as her highly-anticipated acting.
kim joo heon
The short haircut only emphasizes the hard, masculine features of actor Kim Joo Heon. He is currently an uprising star playing supporting characters from famous series such as “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay.”
big mouth
The main cast of “Big Mouth” is receiving hot attention from the public.

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