Yoona boasted her youthful visuals among generation-four female idols 

Yoona (Girls’ Generation) gracefully stole the spotlight with her flawless and timeless beauty. 

Yoona has gained much attention to her attractive visuals ever since her debut with Girls’ Generation. As the living “Nation’s Center”, the idol-actor never stops renewing herself with different roles, as a model, MC or actress. It has been 15 years since her debut but Yoona’s beauty never falls behind her juniors, proving her ageless beauty. 

On October 4th, Yoona attended the Miu Miu show at the Paris Fashion Week 2022. She immediately stole the spotlight upon appearing at the event. Her beauty still shone through even when her clothing appeared “overly excessive” or through normal camera lenses. 

The moment Yoona and Wonyoung stood in the same frame drew the gaze of netizens. These two boasted their top-tiered visuals in K-pop, proving why they are the faces of top brands. 

Notably, while two idols have a 14-year age gap, they looked as if they were from the same generation. Yoona did not seem to age a day after more than a decade working in the industry. 

As the MC of Gayo Daejejeon 2021, Yoona kept viewers glued to their seats when she stood beside aespa’s Karina. Both SM idols stunned fans with a “combo” of visuals.

With a puffy dress, Yoona was compared to a princess from a fairy tale. From visuals to aura, she owned the spotlight of the show. 

Also at this stage, Yoona generated a sensation while being onstage with ITZY’s Yuna. The two visuals of two girl groups presented a “visual feast” for the viewers. 

Both showed off their pink outfits, embracing their gorgeous hour-glass physique. Even without makeup, Yoona was confident and radiant of timeless beauty. 

In another brief encounter between Yoona and Yuna, the 1990-born idol took over the centerstage with her goddess-like visuals. 

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